Survey Plus Teardown of the Vivo S17 5G V2283A Smartphone

Survey Plus Teardown of the Vivo S17 5G V2283A Smartphone

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The Vivo S17 5G V2283A is successor for the Vivo S16 V2244A which TechInsights previously analyzed.

The main difference between the two models is the processor platform. For the Vivo S16, the system is powered by Qualcomm using the Octa-Core Snapdragon 870 5G Applications Processor and separately Baseband Processor SDX55M-002. In the Vivo S17, the system is based also on Qualcomm components but the main ICs from the chipset are combined in one package.

Qualcomm SM7325-200-AE Octa-Core Snapdragon 778G+ Applications/Baseband Processor - this chip was manufactured in 6 nm technology.

Both devices feature a 120 Hz AMOLED display measuring 6.78’ with curved side edges. The difference between the two models is the screen resolution. The Vivo S16’s resolution is 2400x1080 pixels with 16777216 colors while the V17’s is 2800x1260 pixels with 1073741824 colors.

When it comes to camera subsystems, the models have different configurations. The front camera in the S16 has a resolution of 32 MP, while the S17 is 50 MP. Both are marked as wide-angle. The rear island in S16 holds three cameras while the S17 has two. For the Vivo S16 it is 64 MP (wide-angle), 8 MP (ultra-wide-angle), and 2 MP (macro). For the Vivo S17, it is a 50 MP (wide-angle), 8 MP (ultra-wide-angle).

The S16 has a single cell battery 4500 mAh capacity while the S17 has two cells with almost the same capacity 4505 mAh.

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