Survey Plus Teardown of the Apple iPhone Pro Max A3108 Smartphone

Survey Plus Teardown of the Apple iPhone Pro Max A3108 Smartphone

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There are three cameras on the back: 48 MP Wide-Angle, 12 MP Ultra-Wide-Angle, and 12 MP Telephoto. The LiDAR Scanner is also in the back. On the front there is a 12 MP camera, an IR camera, and a Dot Projector. Apple uses various ICs, Power management block is presented by several suppliers, including individual manufacturers such as STMicroelectronics and Qualcomm with Apple/Dialog Semiconductor and Apple/Cirrus Logic cooperation. Both audio ICs (CODEC and Audio Amplifier) were manufactured in Apple/Cirrus Logic cooperation. Skyworks is the most popular RF’s ICs in iPhone 15 Pro Max, providing six of the Front-End Modules. USI provides the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a new U2 UWB Module (339M00298). The Apple 15 Pro Max uses a new USI WiFi module (339S01226) which supports 6E standard. In the 15 Pro Max, the ToF Sensor is located inside the IR Camera/Dot Projector Subsystem. Unembedded supporting components (Diplexer, Band Pass, FBAR Diplexer, FBAR Triplexer, and FBAR Filters) were supplied by Broadcom and unknown manufacturers.

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