Sunwoda-Amperex Technology Limited A2519 Lithium-Ion Battery (Apple MacBook 14" Pro 2023) Battery Characterization

Sunwoda-Amperex Technology Limited A2519 Lithium-Ion Battery (Apple MacBook 14

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The Apple MacBook Pro 14", as an important market-leading laptop computer, is powered by six battery cells connected in 3S2P configuration. It is curious how the three battery cell types compare. Recently at TechInsights, the MacBook Pro 14" was characterized for its morphological, structural, and chemical characteristics in a battery essentials report (BEF-2302-801). Here, this battery characterization report presents comparative functional test data, including impedance spectroscopy, direct current internal resistance, differential capacity analysis, and capacity profiles as a function of temperature (-10 up to 45 degree C) of the three battery cell types, where they demonstrated different capacity and internal resistance values.

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