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October 11, 2020

Samsung introduced us to the Sony IMX516 i-ToF in Q4 2019 when it featured the new sensor alongside Galaxy Note10+ 5Gs rear-facing cameras. At the time we were impressed Sony had scaled its back-illuminated 10 µm ToF pixels, in use in the IMX316, down to 5 µm for the new IMX516. The IMX516, with its 640 x 480 resolution and 4.85 mm x 5.11 mm (24.8 mm2) die size, was predicted to have a strong showing in future products. It did indeed land in Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro (2019) and Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ (2020) and we expected it would be reused in Note20.

STMicroelectronics Displaces Sony ToF in Galaxy Note Series


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