Spring orders are flitting like butterflies but 2H22 is becoming blurry

Andrea Lati
Andrea Lati
The Chip Insider®
Semiconductor Equipment Weather Report
  • Order activity for semiconductor equipment fell slightly, drifting at 112 degrees
  • Despite the recent pullback, order activity remains at elevated levels and is pointing to another strong year for the equipment market in 2022
  • The biggest issues for equipment manufacturers this year are supply-related as demand remains strong
  • The supply constraints have yet to abate and continue to hamper the final installation of equipment
  • While the revenue recognition issues will likely impact sales in 1H22, the deferred revenues will give 2H22 numbers a nice boost
  • There were no notable changes to the forecasts in April as the data came in line with our expectations
  • Semiconductor inventories continued to rise at the nominal level. The Covid-19 shutdowns in China coupled with ongoing supply chain disruptions are prompting companies to increase their inventory buffer
  • TechInsights' Chip Price Performance Index fell at a faster clip
    • DRAM tumbled
    • NAND declined
    • MPUs fell
  • IC inventories are rising

Spring orders are flitting like butterflies but 2H22 is becoming blurry

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