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Sony IMX662 sets a new standard in image quality performance

Security and surveillance camera equipment is frequently required to perform in challenging lighting conditions. Based on multiple customers demands for performance upgrades to their STARVIS system, Sony have developed the IMX662, the latest from the STARVIS 2 family of image sensors.

Originally developed in 2014, the purpose of the STARVIS system was to address the needs of the security camera market using technology elements common to Sony’s small-pixel smartphone sensors of the time.

The new STARVIS 2 platform is expected to set a standard for others even as competitors race to address the market need for improved image sensor performance for applications designed for facilities monitoring, dashboard cameras, street monitoring, home security systems, traffic monitoring, etc.

The TechInsights Technology Brief on the Sony IMX662 helps you discover:

  • What market challenges are addressed by the IMX662
  • How the IMX662 differs from previous image sensors in the STARVIS 2 range
  • What technology elements Sony has transferred and modified

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