Comparison confirms that SMIC reaches 7nm without access to western equipment & technologies

Similarities with TSMC 7nm have been found


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SMIC's latest technology processor is 7nm

Why the leap from 14nm to 7nm took two years to achieve

How SMIC 7nm compares with the TSMC 7nm variant

After we revealed our initial findings on the SMIC MinerVa Bitcoin mining processor, our team did further analysis and comparison against TSMC 7nm. This new analysis confirms that despite current sanctions restricting access to the most advanced equipment technologies, Chinese Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) has used 7nm technology to manufacture the MinerVa Bitcoin Miner application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

Our analysis also uncovered many similarities between the SMIC 7nm and the TSMC 7nm, which are available in our comparison brief.

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Report Name Description Report Code Subscription Channel
MinerVa7 Bitcoin ASIC Digital Floorplan Analysis This report analyzes the MinerVa7 Bitcoin ASIC layout, including the major IP blocks and cell libraries. DFR-2205-803 Logic - Digital Floorplan Analysis
MinerVa7 Bitcoin ASIC (SMIC 7nm) Advanced CMOS Process Analysis This report provides materials and structural analysis of the process technology used in manufacturing the MinerVa7 Bitcoin ASIC (SMIC 7nm), fabbed in SMIC's 7nm process. ACE-2206-801 Logic - Process Analysis
MinerVa7 Bitcoin ASIC (SMIC 7nm) Process Flow Analysis This report provides an analysis of the process flow used in the manufacture of the MinerVa7 Bitcoin ASIC, fabricated in SMIC's 7nm process PFA-2206-802 Logic - Process Flow Analysis
SMIC N+1 7nm vs. Other 7nm Process Technologies This report compares SMIC 7nm with TSMC 7nm and provides details of similarities and differences. SME-1801-807 Logic – Process Analysis

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