SK Hynix D1a EUV 16 Gb DDR5 DRAM Transistor Characteristics

SK Hynix D1a EUV 16 Gb DDR5 DRAM Transistor Characteristics

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This report presents Key DC characteristics for NMOS and PMOS transistors located in the word line drivers and sense amplifiers regions of the SK Hynix MDHD5C20101die found inside the SK Hynix H5CG48AGBD-X018 DDR5 SDRAM package.

The SK Hynix H5CG48AGBD-X018 DDR5 SDRAM package was extracted from the TeamGroup Elite FF3D532G7200HC34ADC01 dual in-line memory module (DIMM). The FF3D532G7200HC34ADC01 is a high-speed DDR5 DIMM, commonly used as the primary memory in desktop PCs and workstations. There are eight SK Hynix H5CG48AGBD-X018 ball grid array (BGA) packages attached to one side of the FF3D532G7200HC34ADC01 DIMM printed circuit board (PCB). Each H5CG48AGBD-X018 BGA package contains a single 16 Gb DDR5 MDHD5C20101 die.

The MDHD5C20101 die was manufactured by SK Hynix using D1α generation stacked DRAM CMOS process incorporating six interconnect metal layers, one aluminium (Al), four copper (Cu) and one tungsten (W) with bit line (BL) under capacitors, and a buried word line (WL) forming the gate of the buried cell array transistor (BCAT). Extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) is used at metal 1 and the storage node landing pad (SNLP) level. The MDHD5C20101 die measures 7.40 mm ×7.11 mm (52.61 mm2) as measured from the die seals, or 7.45 mm ×7.15 mm (53.27 mm2) for the full die.

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