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SIA Statement on New Export Controls

Press Release

“We are assessing the impact of the new export controls on the U.S. semiconductor industry and working with our member companies and the U.S. government to ensure compliance. We understand the goal of ensuring national security and urge the U.S. government to implement the rules in a targeted way—and in collaboration with international partners—to help level the playing field and mitigate unintended harm to U.S. innovation.”


Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 0.1% Year-to-Year in August

Press Release

Global semiconductor sales growth has stalled in recent months, and month-to-month sales decreased in August by the largest percentage since February 2019,” said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. “Sales into Europe paced all regional markets, while sales into China saw the sharpest declines.


Biden Administration Clamps Down on China’s Access to Chip Technology


The Semiconductor Industry Association said Friday that it was assessing the impact of the export controls on the industry and working with companies to ensure compliance.

“We understand the goal of ensuring national security and urge the U.S. government to implement the rules in a targeted way — and in collaboration with international partners — to help level the playing field and mitigate unintended harm to U.S. innovation,” it said in a statement.


U.S. Restricts Semiconductor Exports in Bid to Slow China’s Military Advance


The Semiconductor Industry Association said it was assessing the impact of the new rules.

“We understand the goal of ensuring national security,” the trade group said, but added that it hoped the rules could be implemented in a way that wouldn’t result in “unintended harm to U.S. innovation.”


White House Adds New Restrictions on Chip Exports to China


The Semiconductor Industry Association, a lobbying group representing all of the largest US chipmakers, said it’s evaluating the impact of the new export controls and will ensure compliance with the restrictions. “We understand the goal of ensuring national security and urge the US government to implement the rules in a targeted way -- and in collaboration with international partners -- to help level the playing field and mitigate unintended harm to US innovation,” the association said in a statement.


Taiwan Pledges to Keep Advanced Chips From Chinese Military


Taiwan pledged to work closely with the US and other allies to prevent China’s military from acquiring state-of-the-art technology, as Washington steps up efforts to contain the world’s No. 2 economy.


China’s semiconductor self-sufficiency drive needs to strengthen development of talent and skills, education agency executive says

South China Morning Post

China’s semiconductor sector, a strategic industry that Beijing wants to see less dependent on foreign technology, faces a big skills and knowledge gap, according to an executive at a domestic education agency.


Senator Kelly named ‘CHIPS Champion’ by Semiconductor Industry Association

Gila Herald

“We greatly appreciate the leadership of Senator Kelly in helping to enact the historic CHIPS and Science Act, which will boost U.S.-based production and innovation of semiconductors that are critical to America’s economy, national security, and supply chains. We’re pleased to present Sen. Kelly with SIA’s CHIPS Champion Award as a token of our appreciation and look forward to continuing to work with him to strengthen U.S. semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing,” said Semiconductor Industry Association President and CEO John Neuffer.


Semiconductors: The modern day arms race

Electronics 360

Currently, only 12% of all semiconductor manufacturing is done in the U.S. If the situation does not change, it will decline to 10% in the coming decade, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA). In 2021, 54% of semiconductors were produced by American companies.


Biden has $52 billion for semiconductors. Today, work begins to spend that windfall


President Biden is heading to an IBM manufacturing plant in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., on Thursday to tout a new $20 billion investment the company is making in semiconductor research and development as well as other advanced technologies.


Hochul lauds incentivized semiconductor investment in New York


New York sought to lure the world’s largest computer chip manufacturers with the biggest incentive package in state history. Now it landed one — thanks to a potential $6 billion in subsidies.


Brazil eyes Taiwan’s semiconductor capital to grow advanced chip industry in Latin America’s biggest economy

South China Morning Post

Taiwanese officials and entrepreneurs from the global tech hub are talking with their counterparts from Brazil about working together to help Latin America’s biggest economy develop its nascent semiconductor industry.


US moves to implement new EU data-sharing agreement

Financial Times

US president Joe Biden on Friday signed an executive order detailing the measures the White House will take to implement a new data-sharing agreement with the EU, a move the administration called a “critical step” for transatlantic relations.


India plays hardball on UK trade deal as Liz Truss scrambles for a win


India is driving a hard bargain as Britain’s crisis-hit government tries to get a coveted trade deal over the line within weeks.


Beyond Silicon? The New Materials Charting the Future of Microchips


Microchips are in pretty much all of our electronic devices—if it’s got a plug or a battery, it’s probably got a chip. For the past 60 years, most of these have been made of silicon.


New form of silicon could revolutionize semiconductor industry


After a 10-year research study that started by accident and was met with skepticism, a team of Northeastern University mechanical engineers was able to synthesize highly dense, ultra-narrow silicon nanowires that could revolutionize the semiconductor industry. Their research appears in Nature Communications.

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