SIA Applauds Appointment of Industry Leaders to Advise Commerce Department on CHIPS R&D Implementation


Industrial Advisory Committee is comprised of 24 industry reps from across the semiconductor ecosystem

WASHINGTON—Sept. 29, 2022—The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) today released the following statement from President and CEO John Neuffer commending the U.S. Commerce Department’s appointment of an Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) to provide guidance to the Secretary of Commerce on a range of issues related to domestic semiconductor research and development in support of the CHIPS for America Act. The newly appointed IAC members include representatives from across the semiconductor industry and the broader microelectronics ecosystem.

“Enactment of the CHIPS Act was an historic win for the semiconductor industry and American innovation, economic growth, and national security. To realize the full benefits of the CHIPS Act’s R&D investments, it is critical for government, industry, and academia to work collaboratively to ensure the new funding bridges key gaps in the current semiconductor R&D ecosystem.

“The newly appointed Industrial Advisory Committee is a significant step toward ensuring the CHIPS Act turbocharges U.S. semiconductor innovation for many years to come. We applaud the appointment of these highly accomplished industry leaders and look forward to continuing to work with government officials to ensure the CHIPS Act is implemented effectively and efficiently.”


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