G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
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SEMI ISS kicked off to a record crowd. This has always been the best conference to find out how the coming year will play out, as its attendees are all senior executives. They come with a read from the first week of the year as to how their sales pros think the year will turn out. They come here to gauge what others are seeing. It wasn’t long after the conference got going before everyone began to wonder if the atmospheric river affecting California wasn’t a sign … In the correlation-without-causation category, there used to be a high degree of correlation between the weather and the year’s final results back when the conference was held in Spanish Bay, south of Monterey. But rest assured, that correlation has not held since it was moved north. Nevertheless, in the correlation-with-causation category, all of the forecast pros presenting were in uniform agreement: 2023 will be a down year. The big focus areas at the conference were:

  • The challenge of re-globalization of semiconductor manufacturing
  • How Auto is replacing Smartphone as the highest growth driver
  • Work Force Development (WFD), and …
  • Sustainability

The first two are business opportunities. The second two are business imperatives. Lack of success here will result in a failure to attain the future opportunities awaiting us. They also put us in a new era, where go-it-alone strategies will not work as well as they did in the 90s and 2000s. SEMI’s Ajit Manocha kicked off the conference with an excellent overview defining how some areas can only be addressed by its members and others need to be addressed with the support of SEMI. Clearly WFD and Sustainability need to be addressed with the support of SEMI… A willingness to address issues head on is what attendees like about SEMI ISS, and this year’s conference delivered. Here are some to the best presentations on this note…

“Forecasting is difficult… Especially when it's about the future” – Yogi Berra

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