Samsung Unveils First Imager Featuring Hybrid Bond Technology


In a recent breakthrough discovery by TechInsights, the Samsung GM5 imager, initially thought to be a standard back-illuminated CIS, has been revealed to feature a pioneering hybrid bond design. This revelation comes after a year-long investigation following its integration into the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Initially cataloged as a regular back-illuminated CIS due to the absence of through silicon vias (TSVs), further analysis was prompted by its appearance in the Google Pixel 8 Pro, boasting remarkable resolution. This led to an exploratory cross-section revealing the presence of a hybrid bond, also known as Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI).

SEM cross section overview image of the hybrid bond

SEM cross section overview image of the hybrid bond (TechInsights Device Essentials)

The comprehensive analysis, detailed in the DEF-2312-801 report on TechInsights Platform, sheds light on Samsung's innovative use of hybrid bonding technology in its image sensors. A SEM cross-section overview image featured in the report provides a glimpse into the intricate structure of the hybrid bond.

For those eager to delve deeper into this groundbreaking discovery, TechInsights offers an in-depth review and annotated images in the future content report, FCT-2403-803, available on their platform. Furthermore, an exploratory TEM cross-section is underway to confirm materials and enhance understanding of the hybrid bond.

This revelation not only highlights Samsung's commitment to pushing the boundaries of imaging technology but also underscores the importance of ongoing exploration and analysis in uncovering industry innovations.

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