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Samsung ISOCELL HP1 found in the Motorola Moto X30 Pro

Ziad Shukri
Ziad Shukri

TechInsights has just received the Motorola Moto X30 Pro (XT2241-1) smartphone and launched an analysis on its wide-angle rear camera, confirming the Samsung HP1.

The HP1 is a 200 MP, 0.64 µm pixel-pitch stacked, back-illuminated ISOCELL CMOS Image Sensor (CIS). The HP1 represents Samsung’s 3rd sensor observed by TechInsights with a 0.64 µm pixel-pitch, following the 50 MP JN1 and JNV sensors. The HP1 sensor measures 11.83 mm x 8.97 mm, with a pixel array of 10.58 mm x 7.96 mm giving an active area diagonal of 13.25 mm.

The Stacked HP1 image sensor has two row-select TSV blocks on the right and left sides of the die, adjacent to the bond pads, and one column-out TSV block located at the bottom of the Die, as shown in Figure 1 (red arrows). The observed Die Marking (Figure 2) indicates this is an S5KHP1SP sensor.

ISOCELL HP1 Die Photograph

Figure 1. ISOCELL HP1 Die Photograph

ISOCELL HP1 Die Markings

Figure 2. ISOCELL HP1 Die Markings

Tetra2 Pixel Chroma

TechInsights has confirmed that the HP1 utilizes a Tetra2 Pixel Chroma (or a 4 x 4 pixel group per color filter), which represents Samsung’s first implementation of such a large color filter array (CFA) mosaic. Accordingly, the HP1 CFA pitch is 2.56 µm.

The 4×4 Chroma, shown in Figure 3, is consistent with a 4×4 pixel binning which is reportedly used for imaging under low light conditions, at a resolution of 12.5 MP. It is also reported that the HP1 supports a 2×2 de-mosaic output of the 4×4 CFA, which is processed in the stacked ISP chip, for intermediate lighting conditions, with an effective resolution of 50 MP.


Figure 3. ISOCELL HP1 4 x 4 CFA

Auto Focus

For auto focus, the HP1 uses a Double Super PD Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) implemented through two side-by-side 2×1 on-chip-lens (OCL) strategy, as shown in Figure 3. This facilitates a 2×2 on-chip lens (OCL) omni-directional PDAF approach and is the same approach observed on its predecessor, the Samsung 50 MP JN1.

Upcoming work

TechInsights has launched DEF analysis on the HP1. Please stay tuned for additional news and upcoming images on the TechInsights platform.

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