Memory Disruptive Event

Samsung now offering the world’s first HKMG DDR5 DRAM

TechInsights first saw the Samsung HKMG DDR5 DRAM in the G.Skill Trident Z5 series DDR5 DRAM dual in-line memory module (DIMM).

This is Samsung’s second use of HKMG technology, which uses high-κ (high kappa) dielectrics in place of the previous ‘standard’ of Poly-SiON in transistor construction. Poly-SiON had seemingly reached the limitations of its use in high-demand memory products, as its inclusion in transistors introduced significant leakage in the device.

Samsung previously used HKMG technology in a GDDR6 device; they have proven the concept, and this is their next iteration. Given their successes with this approach, it is believed that HKMG will become the new industry standard in upcoming DRAM generations. Samsung’s HKMG DDR5 is the most advanced DRAM product available.


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