The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Inside the Flagship

April 5, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra teardown

Contributing Authors: Daniel Yang, Stacy Wegner


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TechInsights was very lucky to get the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra European model SM-S908B/DS in our hands early - it arrived in our Warsaw lab for teardown on Monday, February 21. Our colleagues did a quick teardown of the Samsung Exynos 2200-powered Galaxy S22 Ultra, so we can share some of our early teardown results now.

New Silicon in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Exynos 2200 Application Processor and Modem: Samsung announced its 4nm process node is used for this chip. We have previously seen the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that was also fabbed in the Samsung 4nm process. We discussed the Snapdragon when we found it in the Motorola edge X30.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Teardown

Figure 1. Samsung Galaxy S22 board shot

Samsung PoP (Exynos 2200 AP&Modem + Samsung 8 GB LPDDR5 K3LK7K70BM-BGCP)
Samsung 128 GB NAND Flash Memory KLUDG4UHDC-B0E1
NXP NFC Controller & Secure Element SN220
Cirrus Logic CS35L40 Audio Amplifier
Maxim MAX77705C PMIC
NXP Battery Charger PCA9468
Samsung Galaxy S22 Teardown

Figure 2. Samsung Galaxy S22 board shot

Samsung PMIC SPS26
Samsung PMIC SPS25
Samsung PMIC S2MPB02
Samsung PMIC S2MPBA3

Samsung RF Transceiver S5520: We are working now on the die photo from this new RF Transceiver. Subscribers to TechInsights’ Mobile RF analysis will be the first to see the results.

We also found a new NFC Controller & Secure Element SN220.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Teardown

Figure 3. Samsung Galaxy S22 RF board shot

Samsung RF Transceiver S5520
Broadcom Front-End Module AFEM-9140
Skyworks Front-End Module SKY58083-11
Skyworks Power Amplifier Module SKY77651-41
Broadcom Wi-Fi 6/6E&BT 5.0 SoC BCM4389
Qorvo Front-End Module QM77098
Skyworks Power Amplifier Module SKY8267x
Samsung Galaxy S22 Teardown

Figure 4. Samsung Galaxy S22 RF board shot

Wacom Digitizer Controller WEZ02
IDT Wireless Charger Receiver IC P932

Not-So-New Silicon in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

So far, with the few exceptions noted above, most of the other silicon components in this phone are not new. We have seen the following components from the Galaxy S22 Ultra before, including the LPDDR5, NAND Flash, Wi-Fi & BT Combo SoC, and UWB. Our CMOS Image Sensor experts suspect that the cameras are not new either. We will provide updates of our findings in the next few days when we have lab results of the silicon devices and cameras. Stay tuned.

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