Samsung to be the Pro AI Generative Smartphone Leader in 2024

Samsung to be the Pro AI Generative Smartphone Leader in 2024

Samsung leads the charge in generative AI smartphones with the S24 series, revolutionizing user experiences. With Apple's entry on the horizon, expect a dynamic shift in smartphone technology.

The Driving Force Behind the Smartphone Revolution

A leader in the generative AI smartphone market, Samsung has introduced the S24 series. Powered by dynamic chipsets, these new smartphones will feature enhanced application capabilities in search, photography, and much more. While mobile handset manufacturers will be plotting their own strategies for generative AI smartphones, expect Samsung to be at the forefront of this space, and projected to sell four out of every five generative AI smartphones in 2024. Samsung’s premier generative AI smartphone, the Galaxy S24, will usher in a new age of AI features that will reinvent the user experience.



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Generative AI is the next generation in the smartphone market. Built on large sets with the ability to formulate new data, generative AI runs on operating systems and user interfaces in smartphone GPU’s. The Galaxy S24 series, in addition to the Galaxy Z Fold, Z Flip, and older generation Galaxy S23 smartphones will all be equipped with these key generative features. Samsung is looking to integrate this technology into their most popular models, to increase the likelihood that as many of their customers as possible will be able to experience the capabilities of generative AI features. Generative AI runs most efficiently in the latest smartphone configurations that are powerful enough to support generative AI processes fluently; Samsung and their competitors have plenty of opportunity to expand upon the developments they have already made in their smartphones with generative AI.

Will Apple Level the Playing Field?

The full report identifies model series that are currently positioned in the generative AI segment and what to expect from device manufacturers as rollouts continue. While Samsung holds dominant market share, it should be noted that Apple has yet to release a generative AI iPhone, which isn’t expected until later this year. Select generative AI features will be available in IOS 18 devices upon the release of the iPhone 16 in the latter half of 2024. Apple’s full library of generative AI features will likely be available with the commencement of the IOS 19 AND iPhone 17 campaign.

Pro AI smartphones, the name by which devices with such installments will be categorized, projects to exceed 50 million units shipped globally in 2024. With a surge in demand for content creation and automated performance capabilities, generative AI will streamline and improve efficiency of common tasks such as language translations, schedule management photo manipulation and more. While it remains to be seen how Apple’s launch will affect the market, Samsung has nonetheless staked their claim in the generative AI smartphone market.

The Generative AI Race is Just Getting Started

Optimal functionality is crucial for smartphones as our society becomes increasingly reliant on these devices for everyday needs. As learning and pattern recognition capabilities improve, the interest surrounding the vast potential of generative AI will grow exponentially, setting up the race for smartphone generative AI supremacy. Samsung’s approach to generative AI reflects a concerted effort on their behalf to get these features into the hands of their customers.

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