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ROHM Gen 4 Discussion:

Comparing to the Broader SiC Market


Stephen Russell
Dr. Stephen Russell
Peter Gammon
Prof. Peter Gammon

Earlier this year, ROHM released their 4th generation (Gen 4) MOSFET products. In this two-part video series, we take a deeper look at how this advance in technology may be the first step in a revolution within power semiconductor devices.

The new range includes MOSFETs rated to 750 V (increased from 650V) and 1200 V, with a number of the available TO247 packaged components automotive qualified up to 56A/24mΩ. This is a line-up that suggests ROHM will continue to target the on-board charger market where they have had previous success.

Part One: Dr. Russell and Prof. Gammon look at the state of play of Silicon Carbide devices within the market and the benefits they give over Silicon, such as vastly reduced specific On-resistance (RDS(ON)*A).

Part Two: Dr. Russell and Prof. Gammon go into a deeper analysis of planar layouts (including the cell structure), trench layouts, and the ROHM 4th generation process flow. They will discuss how ROHM’s Gen 4 Mosfet products compare to other within the Power Semiconductor market, such as Wolfspeed, STMicroelectronics, Infineon and onsemi.



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ROHM Gen 4 Mosfet

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