Report Overview: HBM and Verticality

Report Overview: HBM and Verticality

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TechInsights' report on HBM and Verticality evaluates the impact of High Bandwidth Memory on DRAM die stacking within single accelerator cards as well as how fabs and the supply chain are reacting to this trend. In the wake of datacenter expense hikes, designers are searching for any and all ways to manipulate the system for density gains. HBM increases the amount of stacking space within an accelerator, therefore enabling greater efficiency and storage. The soon to be released HBM4 has created palpable excitement within the industry as to what advancements are possible as the transition from µ-bump interconnect towards hybrid bonding unfolds. 3D packaging is poised to benefit from HBM integration as the focus on high-performance computing and AI markets continue to take center stage.

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