Questions & Answers: Case for a Mild Slowing and How TSMC took the lead in EUV

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
The Chip Insider®

Questions & Answers:

The Case for a Mild Slowing in 2023 (2 Dec 2022): Read Dan's article but am confused. Is Dan just offering up a possibility or will TechInsights be changing your 2023 forecast? … It was a great article so naturally it spurs questions on what it means for us…

How TSMC took the lead in EUV: Hi Dan, One of the more interesting questions of the last decade is how Intel and GF decided not to invest in EUV and TSMC and Samsung did. Imagine you are a fly on the wall at an Intel or GF boardroom, and your staff is using the Cost of Ownership model to decide your next gen Litho tool set…

“Strategy requires a sense of the whole that reveals the significance of respective parts.” – John Lewis Gaddis

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