Qualcomm QTM565 FR2 Antenna in Package (AiP) Packaging Analysis

Qualcomm QTM565 FR2 Antenna in Package (AiP) Packaging Analysis

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The Qualcomm QTM565 antenna in package (AiP) is a 5th generation 5G mmWave antenna solution for mobile handsets. It features simultaneous transmit/receive front-end die and power management functions. The physical packaging of the QTM565 is similar to its predecessor the QTM545, with a central printed wiring board (PWB) hosting the dies and the antenna elements comprising separate laminate blocks. The analysis was performed on samples removed from the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (SM-2928U1). This report focuses on the overall package structure and details of the AiP module including dies, printed wiring board (PWB) components, passives, and flex cable.

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