Providing Good Service to the Semiconductor Industry Matters


Providing Good Service to the Semiconductor Industry Matters

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TechInsights invites you to learn about each award recipient in the 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey. This week: ADVANTEST and EV GROUP.

10 BEST Suppliers:

  • Large Chip Making Equipment Suppliers
  • Focused Chip Making Equipment Suppliers


THE BEST Suppliers:

  • Test Equipment
  • Assembly Equipment
  • Fab Equipment
  • Fab Equipment to Foundation Companies
  • Fab Equipment to Specialty Companies
  • Assembly Subsystems
  • WFE Subsystems
  • Tests Subsystems


RANKED 1st in:

  • Large & Focused 10 BEST Suppliers
  • Each of the BEST Supplier Segments
  • Lithography
  • CMP
  • Ion Implant
  • Deposition
  • Etch & Clean
  • Process Diagnostics
  • Specialty Fab


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The Chip Insider: Intel’s IFM and IMS. Lam’s new Bevel-Dep tool.

Intel adopts Internal Foundry Model, Stock falls: Was it correlation with or without causation? AMD also fell is the stock market more intellignt than a company’s leadership about its future direction? I remember when the market punished Nvidia for its move into HPC and AI. Boy was it wrong. The big question here centers on if Intel has picked the right strategy? Why now, two-a-half years after Gelsinger was appointed CEO? Another factor could be having the option to spin manufacturing off. Read now.



Latest Semiconductor Manufacturing Analysis

Latest Analysis/Reports

TCIG: Visibility remains low as we enter 2H23 (June Update)
Order activity for semiconductor equipment increased but remains at a cold 42 °F. There were some notable changes made to our forecasts this month.

SA: TechInsights Forecasts Analog and Power Sales Will Decrease 3% YoY to $110B in 2023
Semiconductor sales plunged 13% last week and were down 23% from a year ago.

CSUBS: TechInsights’ Focus on Subsystem and OEM Inventory Report
TechInsights compiled, analyzed, and modeled inventory at 11 critical subsystem (CSUB) suppliers and 7 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), representing most of the annual sales in their respective areas.

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