Pressure Points and Limitations Faced by Huawei

Mate 60 Pro Mobile RF Report Part II

Pressure Points and Limitations Faced by Huawei

In this Part II, we're continuing the analysis of the RF FE and its key RFIC and modules that began with "Mate 60 Pro mobile RF architecture proves Huawei can compete with top-tier smartphone OEMs.

We have completed the mobile radio architecture for the Mate 60 Pro and have done some RF Transceiver and FEM analysis to better understand the pressure points and limitations faced by Huawei as an OEM. We have expanded the field of view a bit, looking at the Mate 60 Pro siblings: Mate 60, Mate 60 Pro+, and Mate X5.

To highlight the differences and similarities between Huawei (which seems to have successfully overcome many of the difficulties imposed by the 5G technology embargo) and other Chinese OEMs, which are not facing the 5G embargos, we are using Oppo’s Find X6 Pro 5G as a product with comparable performance—minus the emergency satellite communications feature.

Pressure Points and Limitations Faced by Huawei

To round up this analysis, we have attempted to understand where China is positioned in terms of RF filters for 5G mobile radios in general and BAW filters in particular.

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