PMIC Process Analysis Analyst Briefing

PMIC Process Analysis Analyst Briefing

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Included in the Power Semiconductor subscription, here is the second annual briefing where we discuss the international pressure faced by China regarding power management devices and how it has forced a focus on internal chip manufacturers across the entire semiconductor industry.

In power semiconductors, we are seeing emerging competitive devices from China-based manufacturers such as Southchip (PMICs) and Innoscience (GaN) with close collaboration evident between these device design/manufacturers and downstream vendors such as BBK Electronics and Xiaomi.

We analyzed two PMICs that use similar processes to enable fast charging in mobile handsets:

  • Xiaomi Surge P2 – their second generation fast-charging PMIC from the Xiaomi 13 Pro handset
  • Oppo SuperVOOC fast-charging PMIC from the OnePlus Ace 2 handset


We also continue to catalog notable design wins from leading mobile handsets outlining innovation, particularly in fast charging and wireless charging, while also looking at the technology in automotive PMICs and some of the more novel gate driver technologies.

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