Notebook PC Market Surges: 7% Growth Signals Strong Start to 2024

Notebook PC Market Surges: 7% Growth Signals Strong Start to 2024

Discover the latest in the notebook PC market: 7% growth in Q1 2024, with insights on industry leaders and emerging trends. Despite semiconductor forecast adjustments, innovation and consumer demand continue to drive the market forward.

The first quarter of 2024 witnessed a resilient performance in the notebook PC market, with shipments growing compared to the same period last year. Despite challenging macroeconomic conditions in key markets like China, Japan, and the UK, sustained demand from other regions propelled the industry forward for the second consecutive quarter. Notably, Lenovo emerged as the market leader and experiencing a commendable growth year-over-year, while HP and Dell followed closely.

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Apple also made significant strides during this period, fueled by the late Q1 launch of the MacBook Air featuring the M3 chip, leading to a strong recovery in sales. Acer's outpacing of Asus in a near tie suggests a potential trend, especially with the expected rebound in Chrome demand throughout the year. However, despite the positive momentum, a recent adjustment in TSMC's semiconductor outlook growth may pose challenges for PC Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) moving forward.

Nevertheless, with the impending end of support for Windows 10, the anticipated launch of next-generation AI-enabled PCs, and a large and aging installed base looking towards their next purchase, the outlook for the PC market remains optimistic. While the revised semiconductor growth forecast may temper expectations, the underlying drivers of innovation and consumer demand suggest continued growth, albeit potentially at a more moderate pace. For a detailed analysis of the preliminary global notebook PC market share in Q1 2024, interested readers can refer to TechInsights’ report at the provided link.

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