More Than Moore Equipment Sales Are Expected to Surge 70% in 2022, Far Outpacing the Growth of the Overall Market

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  • More than Moore Module
    • 200mm & 300mm Microlithography V22.01
    • 200mm & 300mm CMP & Ion Implant V22.01
    • 200mm & 300mm Process Diagnostics V22.01
    • 200mm & 300mm Deposition V22.01
    • 200mm & 300mm Etch & Clean V22.01
    • 200mm & 300mm Other Wafer Fab Equipment V22.01
    • 200mm & 300mm Forecast V22.01

    The semiconductor shortage was particularly acute on the trailing-edge side of the market in 2021 due to a genaral underivestment in trailing edge capacity and also due soaring demand in Automotive and IoT segments. This is fueling a significant demand for More than Moore Wafer Fab Equipment (WFE) with sales more than doubling in 2021, outpacing the growth of the overall WFE market. 2022 will be another big year for More than More equipment market with sales soaring 70% to $25B, driven by strong market demand, increasing localization, and government support. The top leading segments are Depositon, Etch, Lithography and Process Diagnostics Equipments.

    Sales Are Expected to Surge

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