Mobile Data Evolution and 5G Monetization

Mobile Data Evolution and 5G Monetization

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Global mobile data traffic increased 60% over the last two years, influenced locally by the maturity of 5G, MBB, and FWA services, and levels of competition. Traffic levels averaged 8.2 Gigabytes per SIM per month in 2022, ranging from below 1 GB in some African nations to over 40 GB in some Gulf States. For smartphone, the improved user experience delivered by 4G maturity in developing markets and encouraging levels of 5G adoption in mature markets is helping to deliver meaningful traffic growth. Beyond smartphones, averages are dramatically higher; 50-100 GBytes for mobile broadband modems and 200-400 GBytes for Fixed Wireless Access connections. But pricing is under pressure in all regions, with traffic growth only delivering modest revenue gains. This report details traffic levels and explores mobile data traffic and monetization strategies globally, providing local perspectives from 25 countries. It explores the momentum towards very large and unlimited data allowances in many markets (much in excess of usage profiles) and how operators are addressing value tiering in unlimited price plans.

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