blog-details March 16, 2021     blog-details Dr. Jeongdong Choe

Advanced 1 Gb 28 nm STT-MRAM products from Everspin Technologies

We’ve been waiting for a long time to see the technology details of Everspin’s new stand-alone 1-Gigabit (Gb) Spin Torque Transfer Magneto-resistive Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) device with 28 nm process, which is the world’s first 1 Gb STT-MRAM product and Everspin’s 4th generation MRAM technology. Only except Intel and Micron XPoint Memory products, most of emerging memory devices such as MRAM, ReRAM and FeRAM are being developed and used for embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) rather than discrete emerging memory chips.

Everspin and GlobalFoundries (GF) have been partners since their 40 nm MRAM development and manufacturing process. Now we, TechInsights, are digging into their 28 nm 1 Gb STT-MRAM technology details. We extracted the 1 Gb STT-MRAM die from EMD4E001G16G2, the newest and highest capacity stand-alone STT-MRAM device from Everspin. ST-DDR4 interface is used for easy integration into storage, computing, and networking applications ....

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Dr. Jeongdong Choe, Senior Technical Fellow

Dr. Jeongdong Choe is a Senior Technical Fellow at TechInsights. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, R&D and reverse engineering on DRAM, NAND/NOR FLASH, SRAM/Logic and emerging memory. He worked for SK Hynix and Samsung Electronics for over 20 years. He joined TechInsights and has been focusing on technology analysis on semiconductor process, device and architecture. He has written many articles on memory technology including DRAM technology trend, 2D and 3D NAND process/device integration details, and Emerging memory such as STT-MRAM, XPoint, ReRAM and FeRAM design and architecture. He quarterly produces and updates a widely distributed memory roadmaps on DRAM, NAND and Emerging memory.

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