Memory Consumption Report Q1 2024

Memory Consumption Report Q1 2024

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This quarterly report provides a comprehensive analysis of the where DRAM and NAND are consumed. This unique perspective considers where the electronics devices that use memory (for example smartphones, servers, and PCs) are ultimately used. For example, the memory in an iPhone sold to a consumer in Brazil could be classified in three primary geographic ways. First, the location of the company that purchased the memory from the memory supplier (this would be the US since Apple is a US company). Second, the "ship-to" location. This location is where the memory was shipped by the memory supplier (this would likely be China since Apple assembles its iPhones in China).

The third way, and the focus of this report, is the consumption location. The consumption location is where the device that uses the memory is ultimately used by a consumer (this would be Brazil for this example). A few other examples are:

  • A Google datacenter in Ireland would have a consumption location of Ireland
  • A BMW assembled in North Carolina that is sold to a customer in Canada would have a consumption location of Canada
  • A Samsung PC that was built in South Korea but sold to a customer in Australia would have a consumption location of Australia


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