MediaTek MT6639 is Wi-Fi 7 ready!

MediaTek MT6639 is Wi-Fi 7 ready!

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Given the benefits of higher throughput and speeds available in Wi-Fi 7, market leaders such as Qualcomm and MediaTek are looking to ensure their systems on chips (SoCs) are Wi-Fi 7 ready/compliant.

The MT6639, MT6637, and MT6635 are SoC devices with processors and multi-protocol RF transceivers solutions developed by MediaTek and designed for use in smartphones.

TechInsights discovered the MediaTek MT6639 in the Vivo V2241A X90 5G smartphone released in November 2022—and it is compatible with Wi-Fi 7. Read the blog post to see how MediaTek’s transceiver dies have evolved from a functional/layout perspective and how the MT6639 differs from its predecessors.

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