MediaTek MT6308MP Envelope Tracking Power Supply Floorplan Analysis (RFEF)

MediaTek MT6308MP Envelope Tracking Power Supply Floorplan Analysis (RFEF)

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This report presents a Basic Floorplan Analysis of the MediaTek BN10712DW found inside MediaTek MT6308MP. The MT6308MP was extracted from the Samsung Galaxy A14. The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smartphone (SM-A146P) was released in January 2023. It is powered by the MediaTek MT6833 Dimensity 700 chipset. MediaTek MT6308MP CSP comprises a single silicon (Si) die and a single redistribution layer (RDL). The BN10712DW die is fabricated using a two-layer passivation, five layers of aluminum (Al) metal interconnect, tungsten (W) contacts, shallow trench isolation (STI), a single polysilicon layer, and silicided transistors. The observed 470 nm minimum metal pitch, contacted gate pitch of 550 nm along with the observed features of the transistors, suggests that the MediaTek BN10712DW die was manufactured on 200 mm wafers using UMC's 150 nm CMOS process.

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