Lam Research's Selective Etcher and COVID Strikes Again

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
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Strategy and Tactics: Lam Research's Selective Etcher. COVID Strikes Again.

What's Happening and What's the Meaning: Lam Research's Selective Etcher: Lam has taken selective etch to new levels with selectivity numbers that reach as high as ..., so they can focus on GAA. What's different about Lam's selective etch technology is that they are employing new chemistries that allow them to dial down the mechanical nature essential to anisotropic etch while amping up the importance of chemical reactivity*. Moreover, they've come to market with three different chambers: Argos®... Prevos™... and Selis®...

COVID Strikes Again: You've probably read Shenzhen went into lockdown earlier this week. This means a substantial amount of the world's electronics production will go on hold as they wait the disease out. This could bring back the electronics shortage...

Dan's Strategy Book Shelf: Correction: Last week, I wrote about John Chen's new book, titled Leadership in Management. John got back to me to point out an error on my part... John actually formed TSMC's first R&D group...

For Your Reference: 2021's Top Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers soared to record-highs despite severe supply chain shortages that kept them running hard to match demand. Applied Materials and ASML jumped past the $20B mark while LAM Research and TEL cleared the $16B bar....

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