It's Hot but Supply Constraints Are Holding Up Growth

Andrea Lati
Andrea Lati
The Chip Insider®
Semiconductor Equipment Weather Report

Supply Constraints

  • Order activity for semiconductor equipment slipped to 113 degrees
  • All segments held their ground at record levels, except for Memory where order activity fell for the third straight week
  • Memory market is still growing but it's been under a bit of pressure this year and has not performed as strongly as the rest of the market
  • The supply chain constraints remain an ongoing issue for equipment suppliers and will likely impact revenue timing in the short term
    • However, they appear to be transitory in nature and will not have a meaningful impact for the entire year
  • There were no notable changes to the forecasts in March as the data came in line with our expectations
  • Semiconductor inventories trended higher as companies continued to increase their inventory buffer due to rising geopolitical tensions
  • More macroeconomics risks loom
  • TechInsights' Chip Price Performance Index slipped again
    • DRAM fell
    • NAND flat
    • MPUs flat
  • Inventories are rising

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