ISSCC 2024 – A "Memory" Day at the Conference

ISSCC 2024 – A Memory Day at the Conference

The 2024 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) will be held February 18–22, 2024 at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

If there is a day that you can spare for the conference, February 20 (Tuesday) should be it. On that day, head over to session 13 (High-Density Memory and Interfaces) for the morning, before switching to session 15 (Embedded Memories & Ising Computing) in the afternoon.

Check out these relevant reports on the TechInsights Reverse Engineering Platform, before the sessions to better appreciate the papers.

Paper 13.2 A 32Gb 8.0Gb/s/pin DDR5 SDRAM with a Symmetric-Mosaic Architecture in a 5th-Generation 10nm DRAM Process, from Samsung. [Samsung D1a AME-2303-801, SK hynix D1a AME-2208-801 and Micron D1β AME-2309-802.]

Paper 13.3 A 280-Layer 1Tb 4b/cell 3D-NAND Flash Memory with a 28.5Gb/mm2 Areal Density and a 3.2GB/s High-Speed IO Rate, from Samsung. [Samsung 176-L QLC MFR-2312-801, Solidigm 192-L QLC AME-2306-801, YMTC 232-L QLC FCD-2310-802 and TechStream Blog "3D NAND – Q4 2023 Update"]

Paper 13.4 A 48GB 16-High 1280GB/s HBM3E DRAM with All-Around Power TSV and a 6-Phase RDQS Scheme for TSV Area Optimization, from SK hynix. [Samsung HBM2e APQ-2308-801 and TechStream Blog "High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) – Micron HBM3 Gen2 (HBM3E)“]

Paper 13.7 A 1Tb Density 3b/Cell 3D-NAND Flash on a 2YY Tier Technology with a 300MB/s Write Throughput, from Micron. [Micron 232-L TLC AME-2303-802, YMTC 232-L AME-2211-803, KIOXIA/WDC 218-L AME-2310-803 and Samsung 236-L TLC AME-2310-802]

Paper 15.7 A 32Mb RRAM in a 12nm FinFet Technology with a 0.0249μm2 Bitcell, a 3.2GB/S Read Throughput, a 10kCycle Write Endurance and 10-Year Retention at 105°C, from TSMC. [IBM 14nm FinFET with eDRAM AME-2001-802 and Fujitsu 45nm ReRAM AME-2103-801]

Paper 15.8 A 22nm 10.8Mb Embedded STT-MRAM Macro Achieving over 200MHz Random-Read Access and a 10.4MB/s Write Throughput with an In-Field Programmable 0.3Mb MTJ-OTP for High-End MCUs, from Renesas. [Renesas 28nm eFlash AME-2309-801, Sony 22FDX eMRAM AME-2303-803 and Everspin 28nm MRAM AME-2103-802]

Paper 15.9 A 16nm 16Mb Embedded STT-MRAM with 20ns Write Time, a 1012 Write Endurance and Integrated Margin-Expansion Schemes, from TSMC. [Ambiq Micro/TSMC 22nm eMRAM AME-2108-801]

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