IoT Connectivity SoC Briefing

Leverage the technical innovation and evolution of wireless connectivity for competitive advantage

IoT Connectivity SoC Briefing

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Exciting news for IoT Connectivity SoC subscribers – the first briefing for 2023 is planned for June 29. In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, an array of wireless standards such as Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, and their continuous advancements, play a significant role in shaping the design of SoC solutions. Having a comprehensive understanding of their impact on aspects like signal integrity, power consumption, and cost provides a competitive edge to help you stand out in the market.

This 30-minute online briefing with TechInsights’ Jefferson Chua, Subject Matter Expert, and Vajira Samarasooriya, Senior Systems Analyst, will address and discuss key topics for 2023 to help inform product, design, IP, and business decisions to gain a competitive advantage.

What topics will be covered during the briefing? Find out more in our article.

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