Intel’s PowerVia and IBM Research’s hybrid bonding

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
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Intel’s PowerVia: Intel disclosed more about its backside power development at this year’s VLSI Symposium, while promising to deliver it in 2024. What it does is divide power and signal wiring, leaving signal wires above the transistors, while moving power routing to under the transistors… Intel’s implementation of the technology that led to the two papers given at the conference demonstrated significant performance and electrical improvements.

Who’s on First: Clearly backside power is a major breakthrough, for which being first is a critical advantage. This is especially true for compute-intensive tasks like AI learning which demand some of the highest-priced chips in the world. Intel claims having it in production in 2024 puts them a node ahead of competitors. In doing so, Intel is shifting the definition of a node away from scaling to … Clearly backside power is a game changer that benefits customers. Currently, Samsung leads … IBM Research has the … But it’s TSMC that leads in … Intel is demonstrating technology leadership with …

IBM Research unveils hybrid bonding: This was done with ASMPT, which developed the tool sets needed to monetize this milestone in hybrid bonding technology. Current chiplet bonding interconnects based on solder are sized between 150 and 30 microns. The IBM/ASMPT process fuses copper and oxide layers that are just a few atoms thick, using no solder. The result is a bond between chiplets that’s only around 0.8 microns.

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