Intel's fab in Ohio. Maxim: Trust building

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
Strategy and Tactics: Intel's fab in Ohio. Maxim: Trust building, Tests for and the management of trust and risk. The Three Traits of Great Leaders.

Intel's fab in Ohio: Since Insiders read this I'm sure many already know of, or you already read of Intel's plans for an initial spend of >$20 billion in the construction of two new leading-edge fabs in New Albany, Ohio. To support this, Intel pledged an additional $100 million toward partnerships with educational institutions to build a talent pipeline and bolster research in the region. The investment is targeted at providing trusted capacity for foundry customers. But in reality, Intel's move meets multiple strategic objectives...

Maxim: Trust building grows value, speeds Time to Market, and accelerates Time to Solution. It is a general principle that trust between an organization and its suppliers/customers can be a competitive advantage when there is a lack of it at competitors. It is the difference between the degree to which you value your partnerships versus your how your competitors value them that matters. That difference has proved critical in past wars for market share. The rise of TSMC is a perfect example. It is well know how Morris Chang built trust with fabless customers by promising to never compete with them ... and TSMC grew with it to become "the trusted capacity provider." What is not so well known is how Morris did the same with his suppliers...

The Chip History Center: Maxims reloaded — Tests for and the management of trust and risk. The Three Traits of Great Leaders.

Intel's fab in Ohio. Maxim: Trust building

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