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blog-details February 01, 2021     blog-details Dick James

Intel Shows Early Ponte Vecchio Part

Occasionally we will see something in the media that we think worth commenting on, and post as an “In Case You Missed It” (ICYMI) blog. In this case it was a Twitter post by Intel’s Raja Koduri (@rajaonthe edge) showing a complex multi-die part that appears to be the Ponte Vecchio high-end GPU announced by Raja in his keynote at the Intel HPC Developer Conference just before SuperComputing 2019.

Intel’s Xe GPU architecture replaces the previous “Gen” (Gen 1 – Gen 11) architecture; Gen 11 is in the Ice Lake processors currently on the market. Xe apparently means ‘eXascale for Everyone’, and ranges from Xe-LP (Low-Power) to Xe-HPC (High Performance Computing)...

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Dick James, Fellow Emeritus

Dick James is an almost 50 year veteran of the semiconductor industry working in the process development, design, manufacturing, packaging and reverse engineering of semicondutor devices. Dick is a regular contributor to TechStream blog content for subscribers.

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