Intel Investor Day. Tower, Trust, Data Analytics.

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
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Strategy and Tactics: Intel Investor Day. Tower, Trust, Data Analytics.

Intel Investor Day 2022: As 2020 came to a close it was clear to everyone interested, and more importantly to Intel's board, that a change was needed. A shift to a financial management style that was tactically focused on achieving quarterly results was reverse-mortgaging the future in violation of Gordon Moore's maxim 'you can't save a tech company out of its problems.' Instead of catching up, it was slipping further behind... Then in a page taken out of Apple's playbook when it decided to bring back Steve Jobs, Intel's board decided to bring back its prodigal son, Pat Gelsinger. Fortunately for Intel, the United States, and even the world, he heard the call to adventure. Last week at Intel Investor Day, exactly one year and two days since Pat was appointed CEO, I along with many investors I chatted with were dumbstruck with what he had accomplished in a mere 367 days... If you need to know anything about Pat, it's that he is extremely decisive... hot-pressed out of the Andy Grove mold. Joining in January 13 of 2021, morale at the company went from night to day by the time he officially joined... The important thing to realize at this point was that IDM 2.0 was far more than a PowerPoint business model. Before Pat Gelsinger had joined Intel, he had gotten a commitment from the board to unleash the funding needed to actually execute to three strategic trusts...

Comments, Questions & Answers: Intel to acquire Tower: Hi Dan, What do you think Intel acquired Tower? How Data Analytics fails forecasters: Hi Dan, Wanted to let you know that I loved your perspective on Chip Insider about data analytics. But does this mean you should always be wary of it? In not, how do you know when to question its value and when not? The Trust Maxim: Hi Dan, Great article on trust and partnership! Thanks.

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