Intel Innovation 2023: It’s grand strategy revealed

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
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Intel Innovation 2023: This was the second innovation conference after the long drought imposed when IDF was canned in 2016 (Intel Developer Forum). Pat Gelsinger effectively brought it back last year under the ‘Innovation’ brand. Last year’s conference strategy was not so much about being a developer’s aid as it was to simply demonstrate that Intel could innovate again… With this, Pat made a career-defining move when he committed the company to 5 nodes in 4 years.

Intel Innovation 2023 returned to its roots of giving the people who develop applications and hardware with its chips a clear roadmap of what’s coming and what they need to do to prepare for it. It also revealed Pat’s grand strategy to be one of … The importance of the grand strategy is that Pat can wrap up single strategies for dealing with the six primary challenges every fabbed semiconductor company faces today…

As for Pat’s promise of 5 nodes in 4 years (5N4Y), the big news at Intel Innovation 2023 was that Meteor Lake will finally come on December 14th. The chips are being made on the ‘Intel 4’ process... This is where things get complex in terms of meeting the 5N4Y commitment…

“Execution is Everything” — John Doerr

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