Intel Core Meteor Lake Intel4 Transistor Characterization

Intel Core Meteor Lake Intel4 Transistor Characterization

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This report presents key DC electrical characteristics for logic NMOS and PMOS transistors located in the core region of the Intel SRMZ1 Meteor Lake processor CPU Die. The Intel SRMZ1 Meteor Lake processor was extracted from the Acer Swift Go 14 laptop. Meteor Lake processor was launched December 14, 2023. It comprises 16 CPU cores: six performance cores (P-cores), eight efficient cores (E-cores), and two low power efficient cores (LP E-cores). The SRMZ1 CPU die (die 1) measures 7.91 mm × 8.59 mmfor a total area of 67.95mm2 for the whole die. The SRMZ1 CPU copper (Cu) die was fabricated on 300 mm wafers using Intel 4 CMOS process, employing high-k metal gate (HKMG) finFET transistors. There are 18 levels of metallization. Logic transistors from CPU1 (P-core) of the SRMZ1 CPU (die 1) were characterized at 30 ºC in a scanning electron microscope(SEM) environment using a Kleindiek Nanotechnik prober and a Keithley 4200-SCS semiconductor characterization system. The Intel SRMZ1 CPU (die 1) was subjected to detailed analysis in a recent TechInsights Advanced CMOS Essentials report and Digital Floorplan Analysis report. Selected results are presented in this report.

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