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Innovusion's ultra-long-range AI LiDAR

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Wendy Tam
Wendy Tam

Given the sizeable opportunities for LiDAR manufacturers, many players in the market are looking to secure deals with large auto groups and auto makers. With examples such as Innoviz being recently selected by the software division of Volkswagen Group in a deal worth $4.0B, and the Cepton deal with General Motors that can be extended beyond 2027 and could be worth more than $1.0B, competition is fierce and the need to quickly design and produce cost-effective LiDAR modules for mass production is no easy task. One way to do this is with visibility into the technology behind key innovators in the LiDAR market.

TechInsights has procured the Innovusion Falcon - an industry-leading automotive-grade LiDAR that has been chosen as the standard configuration for the NIO ET7 autonomous driving system.

Innovusion Falcon LiDAR

Figure 1. Innovusion Falcon LiDAR.

Innovusion Falcon LiDAR

Figure 2. Innovusion Falcon LiDAR.

Innovusion Falcon LiDAR

Figure 3. Innovusion Falcon LiDAR.

Innovusion Falcon LiDAR

Figure 4. Innovusion Falcon LiDAR.

With several notable features, stay tuned for design, material, & assembly analysis to provide more insight behind how the choice of materials and assembly techniques enable the Falcon to satisfy automotive-grade requirements while meeting mass production needs.

Key Specifications

ROI Resolution 0.06*0.06o
Maximum Detection Range 500m
Distance Precision < 2 cm
Scan Lines/sec (Software Configurable) 1500
Field of View 120o*25o
Frame Rate 10 FPS

Table 1. Source: Innovusion.

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