IC Supply/Demand indices tighten

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
Semiconductor Analytics

Semiconductor sales continue to explode out of the normal Christmas roll-over with double-digit W/W and Y/Y growth, as IC Supply/Demand tightened up. The IC weather warmed 1°F last week. Zooming in on Logic this week, the 13-wk MA growth rose towards 20% for the second week. The 2022 Logic forecast is for sales to hit $275B and grow at 9%. Last week, Logic was third fastest in Y/Y growth. DRAM and NAND continued to be fastest. Auto ICs were in fourth, while Analog & Power was last. All remain well above TechInsights 2022 forecast.

Semiconductor Sales growth turned away from historic trend rates, bouncing off the 20% bar of thin-oxygen 13-week MA heights. This is a good 5% above what happened last year at this time.

TechInsights' IC Supply/Demand indices tightened last week, with More than Moore Foundry tightening up from Saturated to Loose. More Moore held, as did OSAT, NAND, DRAM, Auto ICs, and Analog & Power. There were slight improvements in DRAM, OSAT, Auto ICs, and Analog & Power. NAND was slightly weaker.

Electronics' Retail Prices are soaring.

IC Supply Tighten

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