Handset Revenue & ASP By Vendor by Region: Q4 2022

Handset Revenue & ASP By Vendor by Region

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Global Wholesale Handset industry revenues declined by -12% annually in Q4 2022. Apple, Samsung, and OPPO were the top three vendors. Asia Pacific was the largest region both by value and volume in the quarter. Global Wholesale Average Selling Price (ASP's) of handsets grew to its highest ever in the quarter. Our extensive report provides quarterly global smartphone wholesale ASP, revenue and shipment metrics for 28 major OEMs across six major regions from Q1 2012 to Q4 2022. Historical global smartphone ASPs, revenues and shipments from Q1 2010 onward are also included. The report is a valuable tool for operators, component manufacturers, carmakers, financial analysts and other stakeholders who want to track smartphone pricing and the financial health of major vendors on a regional basis.

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