Handheld Gaming PCs Look to Expand Reach

CES 2024 Day 2: Computing

Handheld Gaming PCs Look to Expand Reach

CES 2024's Day 2 showcased the resurgence of handheld gaming PCs, seizing the spotlight with innovations from Asus, Lenovo, Steam, Razer, and more. Fueled by AMD or Qualcomm chipsets, these devices aim to redefine gaming on the go, breathing new life into the category.

NVIDIA stole the show with GeForce NOW updates, unveiling new data centers globally and introducing an affordable day pass for testing the service. Compatible with a range of devices, including Chromebooks, MacBooks, and iPad minis, NVIDIA's commitment to versatility is clear.

Handheld Gaming PCs Look to Expand Reach

Our insights from last year's coverage come full circle as cross-platform gaming and cloud-streaming continue to reshape the gaming landscape. Tech enthusiasts can explore how these trends are diminishing the importance of the specific gaming device, fostering a more inclusive gaming experience.

For the gaming community, handheld gaming PCs emerge as a promising addition, offering a convenient alternative to traditional setups. As the market evolves, our analysis on the TechInsights Platform predicts that these ultra-portable devices may carve a space, potentially influencing the demand for gaming laptops.

Despite being in a nascent stage, CES 2024 attendees are thrilled with the sales progress of handheld gaming PCs. Even surpassing initial niche targets, the market's trajectory indicates a positive reception, leaving us eager to witness the continued growth and impact on the gaming industry.

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