H1 2024 Wi-Fi/IoT Briefing

H1 2024 Wi-Fi/IoT Briefing

Twice a year we put together important updates to the Technology Roadmap, cross-vendors and theme-focused analysis, comparisons and technology trends devised from the recent reports, and new industry applications we are tracking, in the Analysts Video Briefing for the Wi-Fi/IoT Connectivity domain.

Presented in a new format and structure, the H1 2024 Wi-Fi/IoT Briefing targets the Wi-Fi/BT combo devices for smartphone applications highlighting the following aspects:

  • Top Wi-Fi/BT combo vendors and their chipsets mapped to the Wi-Fi generations and applications
  • Device architecture and application implementation notes for a selection of class-leading Wi-Fi 7 and 6/6e designs from the top five vendors in the industry: Broadcom (BCM4398), HiSilicon (Hi1105GFCV120), MediaTek (MT6639AEW), Qualcomm (WCN7851) and Samsung (S5N6566)
  • Semiconductor process and die cost analysis for Wi-Fi/BT combo devices
  • Wi-Fi/BT combo chips Market Perspective: How big is the market and what percentage goes to HiSiIicon and Unisoc?
  • Wi-Fi Alliance certification and IEEE 802.11 standards developments. ITU’s WRC-23 conference and the 6 GHz band: IMT or WAS?

Complete with links to relevant Wi-Fi/IoT device reports from the TechInsights Platform, this Analysts’ Briefing is the essential companion for subscribers to discover the challenges and advancements in today’s mobile wireless connectivity outside the cellular domain.

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