GlobalFoundries’ GTC 2023

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
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GlobalFoundries’ GTC 2023: News out of last month’s GF Global Technology Conference in San Jose was quickly overtaken by this month’s events, including GF’s 450K 300mm WSPY fab expansion in Singapore a few days ago. Similar to most foundry technology conferences, GF’s GTC was designed to inform its partners about what was new in the product portfolio along with minor course corrections to the company’s strategic vision.

Tom Caulfield did make a major shift that most either missed or dismissed as mere branding fluff. Ever since Tom decided to step off the nodal merry-go-round, he’s struggled to find a descriptive name that put what the company did in a positive light… Before … Tom had found himself needing to answer one of those Grove-ian questions where – at a career-killing juncture – you ask, “What would I do differently if I were the new CEO coming to replace me… the fired CEO.’ This question always helps one break the monkey trap of what economists call the ‘sunk cost fallacy.’ … Tom would choose to get out of the leading edge. At the time, Tom put it well: “The financial investment didn’t make as much sense as doing something else.” The unanswered question was, what does one call that “something else” in two words or less? …

"Strategy requires a sense of the whole that reveals the significance of respective parts” — John Lewis Gaddis

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