Global Smartwatch Sales Forecast for 88 Countries: 2012 to 2029

Global Smartwatch Sales Forecast for 88 Countries: 2012 to 2029

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Global smartwatch unit sales are expected to grow by 5% in 2024 and 8% in 2025, despite global economic uncertainty. We expect technology and traditional fashion and wristwatch heavy weights as well as new market entrants in China and India to further expand the market in the coming years. North America, Western Europe, China, and developed Asia will be the leading territories to target for volume and value. Our extensive report forecasts global smartwatch sales, for 88 countries worldwide, from 2012 to 2029. In this iteration, we've adjusted for full-year 2023 actuals and downgraded the growth outlook slightly for the entire forecast period mainly due to persistent global macroeconomic issues and a modest GDP growth outlook. While 2024–2025 global annual growth rates are below the previous forecast, major recovery is expected in 2026–2027, with growth rates well above the previous forecast. A lesser positive difference in growth will remain in 2028–2029. This report lends itself to determining the future size and growth rate of the global smartwatch market.

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