Global Smartphone Top 100+ Microvendors Market Share : Q2 2023

Global Smartphone Top 100+ Microvendors Market Share : Q2 2023

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A huge number of second-tier MICROVENDORS were playing a meaningful role in the global smartphone market. However, industry consolidation is underway and major players are taking more shares from small vendors recent years. The "top 30+" vendors worldwide, like Samsung, together declined -7% YoY in Q2 2023, in contrast, the next "top 100+" microvendors combined posted -16% annual decline. We believe microvendors are more vulnerable under the supply turbulence and weakening demand. All microvendors together made up below 3% of global smartphone volumes during Q2 2023, down from 3% one year ago. Microvendors, like DOOGEE in Africa and FreeYond in Asia and America are growing faster than average. Our extensive report contains global smartphone shipments for the top 30+ vendors and over 100+ microvendors by quarter from 2007 to Q2 2023. Key regions / markets info for each microvendor are included, as well. The report is a valuable tool for mobile stakeholders who want to size the fast-growing smartphone microvendors category.

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