Global Smartphone Replacement Rate: North America No longer Leading

Global Smartphone Replacement Rate

Discover the global shift in smartphone replacement rates as North America loses its lead. Central & Latin America (CALA) will take the top spot in 2024, followed by Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) in 2027, reflecting broader market convergence and evolving consumer behavior.

Over the past decade, smartphone replacement rates have converged globally, particularly in North America. Once leading with the highest rates, North America's replacement cycle has steadily declined since 2012, reaching near parity with other regions by 2019. This trend is driven by improved smartphone quality, higher costs, and fewer compelling new features.

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In 2024, Central & Latin America (CALA) is expected to surpass North America in replacement rates. Unlike North America's historical outlier status, CALA will be among several regions with similar rates, driven by shorter contract lengths and the transition to 5G technology, which incentivize regular upgrades.

Global Smartphone Replacement Rate:

Global Smartphone Replacement Rate by Region: 2008 – 2029

By 2027, Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) is predicted to take the lead from CALA. The recovery of the Russian economy and increased supply from Chinese vendors are key factors. While APAC and MEA remain outliers due to disparities among countries, the global trend points towards diminishing regional differences in smartphone replacement rates.

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