Global 5G Business Smartphone Shipment Forecast 2023-2028

 Global 5G Business Smartphone Shipment Forecast 2023-2028

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TechInsights predicts 5G business smartphone shipments will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17% over the 2023-2028 forecast period. Global BYOD and corporate-liable 5G smartphone shipments will increase 7.1% YoY and 46.5% YoY respectively. All signs indicate that hybrid is fast becoming a new expectation of the workforce. It is essential to supply employees with mobile devices for business to enhance workplace productivity. Smartphone upgrades are the top driver for 5G deployment amongst businesses. We are expecting to see higher positive shipment growth in China, South Korea, and the US, and a new wave of 5G rollouts in Brazil, Indonesia, India, and a few countries in the middle east.

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